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About This Home Page

Welcome to the dEUS home page. When this page page was created, it was the first dEUS homepage and there were only a few dEUS fans on the net. By now I have seen three other homepages including an official one. dEUS is getting popular. Fortunately everybody seems to be getting along in harmony, and the number of fans is ever increasing. If you have any questions, comments or dEUS info that you would like to see included please e-mail me at Bear in mind that i'm not going to be, or want to be a rival to other dEUS pages. So don't ask me to include things that are already on other pages. Have fun, and enjoy the music. This page was last updated: 10/03/97

To create this home page i've used information provided to the dEUS mailing list by: Denis, Maurice and Ulrich. Denis and Maurice were kindly provided some of their info by Bang! records. Some other info has been sent to me by Ringo. Many thanks to Denis, Maurice, Ringo, Ulrich and of course Bang!:-) :-) I would also like to thank Denis (again) and Edo for helping me with the html-coding of this page.

Since quite some time lots of people also email with useful info to use in updating & expanding this page. It takes quite some time for me to read it all and to update this page every once in a while but these people make it fun and a lot easier. Thanks all!!!

Official Discography

Zea (CDS)

bang! records, Belgian release

  1. - Zea Intro Replica
  2. - Zea
  3. - Right As Rain
  4. - Great American Nude (original version)

Worst case scenario (CD)

island records, worldwide release bang! records, Belgian release
Suds & Soda Suds & Soda
w.c.s. (First Draft)w.c.s. (First Draft)
Jigsaw You Jigsaw You
Right As Rain Let Go
Let's Get Lost Secret Hell
Hotel Lounge
(Be The Death Of Me)
Let's Get Lost
Shake Your Hip Hotel Lounge
(Be The Death Of Me)
Great American Nude Shake Your Hip
Secret Hell Dive-Bomb Djingle
Divebomb Djingle /

Suds & soda (CDS)

  1. - Suds & Soda
  2. - Texan Coffee
  3. - Secret Hell
  4. - It. Furniture In The Far West

Via (CDS)

  1. - Via
  2. - Violins And Happy Endings
  3. - Great American Nude (strip mix)
  4. - Niche

Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me) (CDS)

  1. - Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me)
  2. - Jigsaw You (live at the Oasis, Brussels)
  3. - Whose Vegas (Is It Anyway)

My Sister = My Clock (CD)

  1. Middlewave
  2. Almost White
  3. Healthinsurance
  4. Little Ghost
  5. How To Row A Cat
  6. Only A Colour To Her
  7. Sick Sugar
  8. Sweetness
  9. The Horror Partyjokes
  10. Void
  11. Sans Titre Pour Sira
  12. Glovesong
  13. Lorre In The Forest

Theme From Turnpike (CDS)

  1. Theme From Turnpike
  2. Worried About Satan
  3. Overflow
  4. My Little Contessa

Little Arithmatics (CDS)

  1. Little Arithmatics
  2. My Wive Jan
  3. Tugboat
  4. Everything Is The Same (Except Nobody Believes Me)

In A Bar, Under The Sea (CD)

  1. I Don't mind What Ever Happens
  2. Fell Off The Floor, Man
  3. Opening Night
  4. Theme From Turnpike
  5. Little Arithmetics
  6. Gimme The Heat
  7. Serpentine
  8. A Shocking Lack, Thereof
  9. Supermarketsong
  10. Memory Of A Festival
  11. Guilty Pleasures
  12. Nine Threads
  13. Dissapointed In The Sun
  14. For The Roses
  15. Wake Me Up Before I Sleep

Roses (CDS)

RosesRoses (vermeersch version)
I Suffer RockVia (live)
Nine Threads (demo version)Hotel Lounge (Be The Death Of Me) (live)
Difficult DayJigsaw You (live)

dEUS on compilations

Compilation:Song contributed:
Humo's Rock Rally Finale '92Song For A Jacket
Saturday Night Special (7'')The Horror Partyjokes
Volume 6 (Reading Festival Issue)Violins & Happy Endings
Volume ? (Reading Festival Issue)Morticiachair
De Zomer Van '95Suds & Soda
De Afrekening 7Suds & Soda
De Afrekening 8 Via
De Afrekening 9Hotellounge (radio edit)
2 Meter Sessies 6Hotellounge (live, acoustic)
De Zevende DagLittle Arithmetics (live)

further release information of dEUS records

Another two version story. They are both intended for sale in the same area, but made two versions with different b-sides anyway. The live tracks on one of the singles were recorded at a concert in Vienna.

Ordering dEUS records

dEUS is getting quite popular, but still their records are not easily available from a big part of the world. If you're having trouble finding dEUS releases you're interested in, you might try ordering them over the net. The following link send you to CDNow! They're probably able to help you

Other songs performed by dEUS but not released

Songs unreleased and only heard live:

  1. Magik Of New Pop Music
  2. Mr. Dead Won't Get Me (Cause Life Suits Me Just Fine)
  3. Mute Fish (Also played by Rudy's Kiss My Jazz)
  4. TV Song (Also played by Stef's Moondog Jr.)

Covers only played live:

  1. Clever White Youth (by Marc Ribot)
  2. Famous Blue Raincoat (by Leonard Cohen)
  3. First We Take Manhattan (by Leonard Cohen)
  4. Gimme The Car (by Violent Femmes)
  5. Hey (by Pixies)
  6. Ich Möchte Ein Eisbaer Sein (by Grauzone)
  7. Motoraway (by Guided By Voices)
  8. Rarely (by Daniel Johnston)
  9. Sweet Child O' Mine (by Guns 'n Roses)
  10. Thirteen (by Alex Chilton)

Other dEUS Resources

Not all of these links are 100% reliable. I try to keep them up- dated and working but sometimes the problem is the server itself and not the link.

For more complete list of dEUS links try Serge Goossens dEUS Bookmarks.

Forthcoming Releases And Concerts


Roses was probably the last single of the In A Bar, Under The Sea album, but it might be possible to see some old stuff re-released.

Names of related bands to look out for: General Electric (Tom), Kiss My Jazz (Rudy, Craig, Stef) and especially Moondog Jr. (Stef). More information about solo projects can be found in the dEUS Members section.

A few (?) concertdates:

dEUS have recently finished a European tour. The plans are now for shows on other continents. Dates are already scheduled for a US tour, first supporting Blur, and after that as a support act for Morphine.
In the live department it is also worth looking out for Moondog Jr. and Kiss My Jazz.

dEUS Members

Tom is also in General Electric. He has recently declared that dEUS is his main project and that he can put all his creativity in the band. This means that he is not really working on any side projects.

He played along with Stef on an early Moondog Jr. release called Jintro Travels The World In A Skirt. More info about that record is on the Moondog Jr. page. He is also a painter but on the musical level, dEUS is his sole occupation.

Stef is also playing in his own band Moondog Jr. It already existed when dEUS was founded and makes great music. If interested you can check out this Moondog Jr. page! Besides this he is also in Kiss My Jazz, the band that has become Rudy's main project.
After recording their 2nd album Stef left the band. However just like in Rudy's case this will probably not mean that he'll stop making music with dEUS, but only that's he's not obliged to play every single time when dEUS has to. Danny Mommens is taking his place in their live line-up.

He also played along with Stef on an early Moondog Jr. release called Jintro Travels The World In A Skirt. More info about that record is on the Moondog Jr. page. He will also be playing with Moondog Jr. again, when they perform their Sunrise project.

Also known as Danny Cool Rocket he is the new bass player the band recruited after Stef left them. He is also in two other bands called tENERIFE and Sex Machines.

Rudy was with the band from the beginning until their show at Lowlands '95. He's still playing with Lionel Horowitz & His Combo and Kiss My Jazz. As a painter he's responsible for a lot of artwork for dEUS releases and t-shirts.
Rudy left the band on personal grounds, and is still a good friend of the rest. This means that you can probably hear him playing along on the new album.

Got into dEUS after Rudy left in August '95. He's from Scotland and was already a friend of Tom and Stef before he got into dEUS. He's also in Kiss My Jazz.

Last Updated: 10/03/97

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