Kiss My Jazz

some info

Kiss My Jazz is another band from the 'scene' which already had dEUS and Moondog Jr. breaking through. The band consists of ten people, including dEUS members Stef and Craig, along with ex-dEUS guitarist Rudy. The rest are no total strangers too, coming from bands like Moondog Jr. (Aarich Jespers) and Evil Superstars (Mauro Pawlowski). The five others are Heyme Langbroek, Elko Blijweert, Jacki Billet, Mark Meyers and Dave Robertson. However they aren't always playing with all ten members. The core seems to consist of Aarich (drums), Jacki (bass) and Rudy (guitar, vocals), with Heyme (trumpet) and Elko (guitar) also playing very consistently.
This band is said to be Rudy's main musical project, now that he has left dEUS. They don't play live very often, but are definitly worth seeing if they do.

I'm hoping to provide more info about them soon (better find it first ;-)), but all i can do for you now is tell you to get their excellent album "Doc's Place Friday Evening" out on Knitting Factory Works. You can find out more about them at Belgian Rock On-Line (of course), and at the cool Knitting Factory site.

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